Want To Be Prolific? – Quick Review of Suhn's 7 Day Project


Suhn amazed fans with his latest musical endeavor, aptly called the 7 Day Project. Over the course of a week, Suhn revealed a new song each day, releasing them exclusively on YouTube as audio tracks. 


This rapid-fire release strategy demonstrates his creativity and dedication to his craft. Although there is no official title for these seven songs as a collective project, I will refer to them as the 7 Day Project in this review.

The project kicks off with Gorrillas, featuring a collaboration with Crooger. As the album opener, this track sets the tone for the rest of the project. 

Crooger cleverly raps a line from Bob Marley's iconic song Nobody Can Stop Reggae in the intro, and Suhn follows with his own verses, showcasing his determination and highlighting his unique perspective on the music scene. The track is a strong start to the project. (Rating: 9/10)

"On My Shit" comes in as the second track, and Suhn is undeniably in his element. He confidently claims his place in the rap game and dismisses any unnecessary beef with fellow Zimbabwean hip-hop artists. His distinct delivery and clever wordplay make this song a standout. (Rating: 8/10)

"Crows," the third track, allows Suhn to let his money do the talking. He remains silent in the face of rumors and challenges, asserting his dominance. The song showcases Suhn's ability to craft clever lines and solidifies his unique presence in the genre. (Rating: 7.9/10)

"Darks Hours" follows as the fourth track, with Suhn confidently flexing on his haters. He wakes up determined to make money and shows his willingness to do whatever it takes to reach his goals. The track exudes energy and showcases Suhn's undeniable talent. (Rating: 9/10)

Suhn collaborates with Kikkybadass on the fifth track, "Ndeyechii (What's That For)." The duo delivers a relentless lyrical assault, targeting haters and anyone who disrupts the vibe. Both artists display their impressive rap skills, and their chemistry on the track is undeniable. This unexpected collaboration proves to be a hit. (Rating: 7.9/10)

On the sixth track, "Answers & Chances," Suhn challenges the false narrative that his success is merely a stroke of luck. He aims to prove that he is the rightful king of the rap kingdom. While this track may be slightly less memorable than others on the project, it still emphasizes Suhn's ability to hold his own in the music industry. (Rating: 7/10)

To wrap up the 7 Day Project, Suhn joins forces with Deminwoods on "Speed," marking their first collaboration since 2019. This track showcases the power of the Domane crew, a creative collective, as they solidify their unique path in the industry. The chemistry between Suhn and Deminwoods is evident, making this track a fitting end to the project. (Rating: 9/10)

One critique of the 7 Day Project is that the songs are relatively short, with the longest track barely reaching 2 minutes and 34 seconds. With a total runtime of just 14 minutes, listeners may find themselves craving for more. 

It's a double-edged sword perhaps—because the brevity of the songs draw the listener to the unique swirling production excellence that Suhn swaggers around with; yet leave you desirous for more. 

Another aspect worth noting is that the project is exclusively available on Suhn's YouTube channel, leaving fans curious about whether this is a teaser for a sophomore album, mixtape, or an EP. 

It's just a whole lot of stuff in there. But we absolutely love it. It's a lesson for some on how to be prolific. 

Regardless, it is commendable that Suhn showcases his versatility by seamlessly incorporating Shona raps alongside English-language tracks.

Overall, Suhn's 7 Day Project exemplifies his growth as an artist and his ability to consistently deliver compelling music. Fans can eagerly anticipate what Suhn has in store for his future endeavors.

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