iHulumende Official Song Now Out - Quick Review


The highly anticipated star-studded track iHulumende is here and the excitement from all corners of the music industry is evident.

iHulumende latest song
iHulumende Official Cover 

Calvin Mangena took care of the opening verse with impressive flaws in his native ndebele tongue. In this beginning we're again reminded of Zero's beat making genius as if trying to relive last year's Fire Emoji glory. 

Nutty O refreshes the hip hop feel with dancehall energy in his lyrics. Bagga comes in with what could be a prehook as Calvin returns to center stage as the dominant force in the track. Holy Ten & Bling4 maintain the flow with their unique styles with verses in succession.

The headlines certain belong to Kae Chaps stinging diss to R Peels in a long coming clapback. 

Voltz JT can easily claim best verse on this track, as this writer would like to argue. M Killer is a name that has consistently lived up to the top billing and awaits his overdue flowers as he emphatically swallows this bouncing instrumental.

Brian Jeck's trademark hoarse drill vibe is brought to life as the track races to the end. Michael Magz is a notable name also in this track.

But in everything we do, saving the best for the last isn't such a bad thing and well, the closing remarks from the "government" come from Saintfloew, the undeniable man of the moment. 

Listen to iHulumende via this link below and rate it in the comment section

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