‘Mangwana Haasi Nhasi’ by Kayflow: A Song About Eternal Springs of Hope and Rays of Light


Kayflow Zw is an exciting voice: the relatability factor and  the tales of urban life struggles that he graphically paints give credence to his offerings. In his latest ZimHipHop offering titled Mangwana Haasi Nhasi, he is evidently composed, and, yet, he narrates a rather painful story.

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And in the same vein, he optimistically conveys a ray of hope as regards these struggles we all relate to. Kayflow’s unique flow and intricate wordplay are on elegant display in Mangwana Haasi Nhasi (tomorrow won’t be the same as today), providing the perfect backdrop for his enviable lyrical prowess.

The rhyme schemes he employs in delivering his poignant message seem to align perfectly with his preferred diction, tone, and style. Which is in every sense quite refreshing.

Mangwana Haasi Nhasi proffers some much-needed hope for a relatively better future where the the inhabitants of the ‘ghetto’—young and old; men, women, and children—take solace in that refugee dwelling called resilience.

Kayflow relays such optimism in a succinct manner that could spawn into a whole project: one day we’ll look at our contemporary grave predicaments in this concrete jungle and take pride in our tenacity. Tough and obscure as it may seem.

The preamble is a mangwana haasi nhasi” chorus which then transcends into a verse, without turning into something that is didactic or abstract.  

We take a brief glance at some of the song’s overarching motifs below:

1. Hope/Ray of light

The chorus sets the tone for the song’s message in its entirety, with Kayflow’s introspective lyrics giving a ray of sunshine on a dark day. And in doing this, the arrangement of the instrumentation and song-writing are devoid of any fugacity. 

He backs this optimistic tone with the lyrics Zuva richa shiner kwauri (the sun will shine on you) on the chorus.

In this, Kayflow establishes himself as a sagacious rapper. One who is acutely aware of the prevailing material conditions; expressing them with a tinge of reverence for this bizarre condition called human existence.


2. Systemic slavery

Kayflow talks about the keenly distressing nature of how certain employment contracts in the ever-shrinking, oppressive, and exploitative job/labour market (aka the infamous 9-5) create an excruciating cycle of monotony, thus strangulating one’s soul and how the lack of flexibility in these suffocating jobs leads to burnout.

While 9-5 jobs provide a rather tenuous sense of ‘stability’, they have massive, deplorable downsides, and with some palpable affect he raps:

MaContracts that you really sign now you underpaid overworking in a busy site

No benefits, precarious work

Look at the mhere chimbozvibvunza what’s really your worth?

Urikushandiswa kuzadzisa maDreams emumwe munhu

I’m not saying that it’s bad though

I’m just saying chimbomira kuva scared bro follow your dream…

9-5 jobs are a common feature of the modern workforce, with individuals working these hours to achieve a narrowly prescribed definition of financial stability and job security. However, these jobs are restrictive, limiting personal freedom and creativity. Succinctly, they are extremely precarious.


3. Death

The verse-chorus transitions? Perfect, as he talks and shows consciousness in regards to mental health and the attendant problems. He is very much aware of how struggles in a multiplicity of life’s situations cause persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in ‘living life’  but he offers a somewhat vague practical guide to survive through the storms.

He seems not to give nuanced appreciation of the various factors that make people give in to the drab nature of modern existence:

I know sometimes uno deepisa

Sometimes unogaya kutobuda zvikitisa

But who you really fixing?

You hurting everybody vanokuda

You gotta think about your little ones (broski) vapfana

If you are a parent vachaitasei vana?

Figure how to handle situations in proper ways


4. Love and  inter-personal relations

Modern day inter-personal relations are filled with toxicity’; Kayflow raps about how there’s usually that intense rush and pressure to be in another romantic/sexual relationship post-breakups.

This is due to an ill-defined desire to fill an emotional void and hollowness tormenting the mind and soul; rather than building a strong connection with someone based on shared values, principles, interests, and mutual respect.

In such cases, people become overly idealistic, giving rise to ephemeral, draining, humdrum and toxic relationships. Over time, this creates negative dynamics in relationships, including feelings of resentment, mistrust, and emotional distance. He says:

Go figure in the actions uchiziva your proper place in people’s lives

Please usamhanye to assume

Uchigara muhupenyu hwemunhu wausiri sure of

Usapinde relationship just cause uri lonely

It’s toxic and people really toxic

Wangu dzidza


Zvipe time



His flow is impressive and his lyrics are intelligent without the congratulatory rhetoric of self-aggrandizement — walking in shoes that the people of the jecha(low-income urban areas) can walk in.

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Why we love Kayflow’s latest sonic offering

On the overall, and in conclusion, this makes the song both an entertaining and meaningful experience. Which we love — save for the fact that in other instances he doesn’t quite adequately offer nuanced and contextual breakdowns to some of the sensitive issues he touches.

Perhaps this is vindicated by his need to keep the message relatable without being excessively instructive.

Kayflow delivers a witty and sharp performance over a head-bobbing instrumental, while also showcasing his admirable rhyming ability. The excellently-laid production keeps the song refreshing and dynamic from start to finish. 

The latest release is the type of sonic offering that gives Zim Hip Hop its impressive status right now.

Without saying much, you can listen to the song Mangwana Haasi Nhasi by Kayflow Zw via the link below:


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