Asaph Back With ‘IDOLATRY’ – A Pithy Lyrical Flex For A New Era


For many, it seemed as if the inimitable MAMBO had disappeared unceremoniously into oblivion. Into the forsaken dungeons of the cut-throat rap game. Asaph’s latest song IDOLATRY quells these misguided and opportunistic views. He showed he is the Big Mhofu.


IDOLATRY is Asaph’s new lease of life; the befitting portent for a new era that he has passionately fought for with admirable tenacity. In this new track he goes all in – giving us a glimpse into what he has in store for this new era. His ingenious  lyrical wit and grit remains a spectacle to marvel at.

He has come to confidently, and with inspiring doses of optimism, claim his kingship. It’s a clear path for him …

Asaph posted on his Twitter shortly before the song IDOLATRY went live:

This feels like the start of a new era for me. Life has been lived and lessons have been learnt. I’m just excited I get to share my gift with everyone who loves the music I make. This is the start of a new season ...ASAPH AFRIKA SEASON

And we are excited. Allusions of the Burg Sosh in the track IDOLATRY give listeners those nostalgic sensations of the Kingsvilla albums.

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Evidently, Asaph’s true believers want to hear more from him. He has to feed the streets – sharing his gift; which is his unquestionable calling.

He addresses, with poignantly concise bars, the sticky issue of his contract signing with Def Jam Africa – as this had proved to be a major talking point as concerns the trajectory and fortunes of the rapper who refused to die on the City Hall benches.

We need not worry about contracts and the process. Lovely defiance there. Ain't nothing holy about that risky life...

And it’s been heard, loud and clear.

His destiny is bigger than contracts and record labels. And that is a bold statement of intent. Much more melancholic, yet inescapable, is how he mentions Cal_Vin’s passing on; and, yep, these are deep raps. Deeply sombre, fam. 

There are a lot of protestations about the dire state of the politic economy and how this strangulates the country’s talents: the death of potential. 

The entirety of IDOLATRY is exceedingly teeming with quotable lines. Asaph’s pen-game is unmatched.

Here’s a quotable:

They say the boy is finished I’m stating it’s my year/ They searching for the king in the tomb but he’s not there

So many of them; they cannot be exhausted in this brief review piece. 

And, he also professes [unapologetically] that he refused to sell his soul. Deep. Like, deeper than deep. 

One can only eagerly await for what Asaph has in store for us this year.

Without saying much, listen to IDOLATRY by AsaphAfrika below and share with the world your thoughts:

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