Mutare Rapper Virus ZW Pens Emotional Letter in New Release, ‘Tsamba Yepiri’


Virus ZW — who proudly hails from the streets of Sakubva in Mutare — blessed the game with a new release titled Tsamba Yepiri — an artistic offering imbued with worked-up hues of poignant, vulnerable, and honest emotions.


Tsamba Yepiri by Virus ZW, accompanied by an apt video, is an emotional letter in which the East Side rapper exhorts his fellow youthful comrades in this universal struggle called existence to keep intact their optimism in the face of tumultuous life challenges.

He describes this piece of art as this: a letter for the nation at large. a letter for the depressed, anxious, suicidal. you are not alone. do not suffer in silence.

Virus ZW calls on the youth to remain steadfast in life as they weather the storms; and his well-thought lyrics elicit feelings driven towards the aim of inspiring healing in our wounded hearts.

As the audio-visual piece progresses in its entirety, the upsurge in feelings is palpable.

The video should not be mistaken for a simplistic take — in its understated brilliance, the video drives home the point that what matters for the youth, now, with unrivalled primacy, is the need for solidarity.

We commend Virus ZW’s bold songwriting in which he overcomes his vulnerabilities as an artist, transforming them into tangible bars, metaphors, moral, and spiritual exhortations.

Tsamba Yepiri is a letter that Virus hopes people will take serious.

His is a call for unity regardless of our differences in life — regardless of the different challenges we have faced (and which we continuously face) in life.

We feel Virus has the capability to proffer more sounds like this; sounds with an inclination towards that much-needed emotional edge.

This, especially at a time when Zimbabwe’s youths [both urban and rural] are mired in a labyrinth of massive, widespread dejection, demoralization, alienation, despair, and pervasive mental distress — spiritual penury.

In an epoch where the politics of domination — hegemony — reigns supreme with uncanny ubiquity, what we see in Virus’s new release is a call to love — to embrace our individual and collective pain, and turning such into beautifully motivating and empowering stories of tenacity, resolute steadfastness, optimism, solidarity, emancipation, and success.

Virus simply tells us: confront the pain, heal, be hopeful, and become the best version of yourself who loves and affirms life.

Most probably, these existential aspects might not have been expressly apparent to Virus  when he penned and recorded the song, and made a video for it. But it is precisely these aspects that Virus preaches to his steadily growing listening base.

And, to us, this is the genesis of a fruitful artistic trajectory for the Mutare-based rapper.

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