REFRESHING SOUNDS – Kayflow’s Realism in ‘Mfana Wepajecha’ Echoes the Voice of the Youth

So, yep. Kayflow's Mfana Wepajecha. (The word jecha is local urban street slang for the ‘ghetto’ or low-income areas, an opposite reference to the term leafy suburbs. Sort of.)


Kayflow Mfana Wepajecha Director Leoy V letter z pictures

The potpourri of eclectic and relatable sounds in Zimbabwe’s hip-hop spaces is a marvel to admire. One might assert – with the highest degree of confidence – that Zim Hip Hop is in a good place right now.

There is an offering for everyone; all sounds are present. But of particular focus here is Kayflow’s newfound renown, which has been an apposite appendage to the continuum of Zimbabwe’s youthful urban sounds. In this context, Zimbabwean hip-hop.

Kayflow recently released Mfana Wepajecha – an audio-visual exposition that paints the true story of Zimbabwe’s urban youth in an enviable, realistic, and graphic manner that is simply hard to ignore.

In Mfana Wepajecha, Kayflow makes the most out of what can be considered as a banal, mundane, and humdrum existence in Zimbabwe’s low-income urban settings – Kayflow’s art accurately portrays the everyday, simple routines of “ghetto life” in a way that preaches “the practical everyday lived reality”.

From “hustling” for money (owing to high rates of unemployment), to romantic endeavours, and to substance use, Kayflow does not hide behind conventional prevarications.

His art is bold, entertaining, and realistic, drawing in listeners to explore more.

In a way, the song and video of Mfana Wepajecha portend an artistic defiance that ought to be pervasive within ZimHipHop.

The realism of his bars – which move towards biographical inclinations in the song – is concretely vindicated by the beautiful and well-shot video of the song. This being the creatively genius work of the ever-consistent Director Leoy V (Letter Z Pictures).

It presents, without any filters and self-censoring, what ghetto life is. What life yepajecha is. It is this elemental aspect of empowering rap that truly makes Kayflow “Mpfanha Wepajecha”.

His realism echoes the voice of Zimbabwe’s disempowered urban youth in the majority subaltern classes.

Kayflow has been present within the Zim Hip Hop sphere for some considerable time now, but perhaps his initial statement of intent was expressed through his collaborative EP with R.Peels MuRace EP.

We are glad he is finally getting the recognition and praise he deserves.

Our appraisal of his rap trajectory, put succinctly, is that Kayflow is set to scale new heights.

We know that this is only the genesis.

Watch the video of Mfana Wepajecha by Kayflow below and share with us your thoughts:

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