Cymplex Music Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary of Excellent Sounds With the ‘Mhemberero Riddim’ for ZimDancehall Loyalists


The time to give Cymplex his flowers for his contributions to the music industry in Zimbabwe is now. 

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The versatile and dynamic producer has for the last few years blessed the culture with top-performing and well-packaged ZimDancehall riddims like More Entertainment, Xul of Thots and the recently released Mhemberero Riddim featuring dancehall’s all-star household names as well as the budding and not-yet-known ones.

Mhemberero Riddim comes at a time the sonic streets are in a somewhat state of disarray with unfounded blabber that the genre [ZimDancehall] is struggling.

This ill-conceived perception, casting aspersions on the credibility and legitimacy of ZimDancehall as a popular urban and rural cultural movement, has led to wild statements being uttered, with misinformed and superficial pundits and listeners ZimDancehall is dead.

Of course we know that such assertions are misplaced and totally false. And that hating on ZimDancehall will never kill it. On the contrary, it makes it stronger all the more — because it does not belong to any single individual; it belongs to the People.

This has always been the case for the ZimDancehall and Reggae culture; certain corners continue to lose sleep waiting for its ignominious demise and, surprise surprise, it is easier for a camel to enter eye of a needle…

The ZimDancehall artists in tremendous unison this time around, joyously celebrating the end of Covid-19 restrictions which barred them from live concerts. Hence, a well deserving Mhemberero; a befitting celebration.

The new 2022 Zimdancehall riddim by Cymplex Music also marks five years since the hub of musical excellence was birthed. The journey has been splendid to witness.

Killer T leads the numbers on YouTube followed by the self-styled [we won’t include the tired trope here that says controversial] Soul Jah Love incarnate and dancehall king Blot.

Blot and Silent Killer are writing a beautiful story of defying odds; given the vilification they have to had to stoically endure over the few last years at the behest of gatekeeping behemoths in Zimbabwe’s [urban] music industry.  Their story is beautiful.

Silent Killer’s witty wordplay continues to scale incredible heights and those who have been missing out have lots of work to catch up. Seh Calaz was excellent on the riddim as well. And veteran chanter Kinnah too. So much to say. The riddim has a lot of names.  

Various names feature on the riddim and it has been a platform to reshape the narrative. It also gave many new artistes a chance to showcase their talent to the world, as well as giving a lifeline to artists deemed irrelevant (yet the talent stays shining).

(At the time of writing, the riddim has 67 tracks.)

Feast on the riddim. Celebrate the renewed surge of ZimDancehall. Pemberai.

Listen to the Mhemberero Riddim by Cymplex via the link below and leave a comment in the dialogue below: 

Mhemberero Riddim Full Pack Playlist. 

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