Charma Breezy Shaka Inspires Triumphant Messages In The Passion-Driven Music Video ‘Mwana WaChipo’

  By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

For Charma Breezy Shaka, the old adage ‘the sky is the limit’ can never sound cliché. Because for him, the infinite potentialities of success on this planet offer each and every individual the impetus to keep striving.

Charma Breezy Shaka mwana wachipo music video official munochema ep teremuke probeatz
Screengrab from the official music video Mwana WaChipo by Charma Breezy Shaka, directed by Munya K.

Last year, Charma Breezy Shaka released an equally meditative and pop-exciting EP, Munochema, which was welcomed with warm reception. The EP is a contemplative and heartfelt insightful experience into the rising singer-songwriter’s life journey; in both his musical and personal life experiences.

Munochema EP by Charma Breezy Shaka is not a swooning exercise of sonic experimentation: it is a bold statement of intent that the Glen View raised musician is here to permanently place his stake in the game, heartless and cut-throat as it may be.

This is the context of the track Mwana WaChipo, for which he has released a music video for. Mwana WaChipo is the 7th track of the EP Munochema, a defiant display of sheer determination and blistering drive to win against all odds.

Charma Breezy Shaka Munochema Ep, Mwana wachipo, Teremuke
Munochema EP Cover; Charma Breezy Shaka. 

In the song, Charma Breezy says that he will not die a poor person, and that he will put in his whole heart and energy to conquer life’s endless tribulations in establishing a rosy life not only for himself but his family — Manje ndorikakata bhande … Mwana WaChipo handife ndiri rombe.

An inspiration for the ghetto youths.

With the official video for Mwana WaChipo out (released on 16 September 2022), the sole point we can drive home is that the visual exposition is an apt portrayal of the song’s message; an exquisite and earnest attempt to exude the positively impacting gravity of the song’s lyrics.

And in this, all credit goes to Director Munya K for executing the task with an impressive flair of artistic professionalism and competence.

It is the close-up shots we are exposed to, gesturing towards a close-range experience of Charma Breezy’s insatiable hunger for success in life and in the arts. It is clear Charma Breezy is here to stay. Munya K is here to stay.

Charma Breezy Shaka’s name garnered steady recognition last year following his collaboration with the formidably gifted Probeatz on the sizzling track Teremuke (you can listen to the song below).

And ever since, Charma Breezy has been cementing his newfound goodwill in a beautifully consistent manner. And we love to see it.

The flow of the video will definitely keep you wanting more.

And we’re confident that with more and more music releases and performances in the exciting near and later future to come, Charma Breezy Shaka will be blessing Zimbabwe’s urban music scene with visual expositions that would compete with high-grossing films.

And this is not hyperbolic. The Zim Mhanzi vibe is by all accounts that dope, and triumphant. Chipo’s son is here to win and inspire the ghetto youths.

It all starts with excellently-crafted art. Purely passion-driven. Won't you love it?

Anyway, enough said. 

You can watch Mwana WaChipo video by Charma Breezy Shaka and share with us your thoughts. 

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