The Poet’s Haven – ‘The Darkness That Surrounds Me’ by Lilly Rue

PIC: The New Yorker

poetry by Lilly Rue

The darkness that surrounds me

The black hole that consumes me

My emotions that are never made relevant 

My pain that is always over looked 

I wanted to smile and be carefree 

I too wanted to be a sociably approachable person 

Why couldn't my hurt be understood

Why was my pain made irrelevant

My bleeding heart that was ignored

I too wanted to be heard

I too wanted to be comforted

I longed for that validity

Just for that, 'I see you, l hear you, l love you, its going to be okay, l got you!'

Sadly my voice got lost in the sociable crowd

I can't say l am okay or l will be okay

I can't say l let it go

Its still there with me

Deep down, hidden away from the crowd

With a proud perfect posture and a happy smile

I learnt to keep my inner voice hidden

I made peace with my demons: they embrace me in my sleep

With everything and anything l learnt to smile through it all

You should have heard me the first time l screamed out loud

Sadly l will never speak out again

I am okay with that

I will be okay

I might not heal

I might not get over it

But l will be okay

I shall keep on laughing till l believe it

I shall smile till it radiates inner acceptance…

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