Ishan and Annatoria Star in the Beautiful, Excellent Track and Video ‘Lola’

 By Takudzwa Kadzura & Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza 

Award-winning artist Ishan is a priceless gem that Zimbabwe’s music industry is blessed to have.  

He has rarely been the celebrity who is all over media except for the time when the smash hit Kure ft. Ti Gonzi put the industry on chokehold.

His amazing vocal ability has kept him afloat and undeniably relevant.

And he doesn’t need vacuous clout for such legitimacy.

Enter Annatoria, glittering with the gold of her crown (she is the 9th winner of The Voice UK), and the incontestably bright prospects of a newly born star are palpable on the music scene.

With such newfound limelight, some artists capitulate to crises of expectations.

She however passed such a litmus test with her breakout single Stay With Me which has been receiving decent airplay on the airwaves.

Ishan and Annatoria combined forces to produce a beautiful and convincingly chart topping single ‘Lola’, as well as the video which has been trending on YouTube, with half a million views at the time of writing.

Lola presents itself as an Afro pop hit that typically invites captivated souls  onto the dancefloor; and it is themed with boy-chase-girl lyrical content, without even sounding cliché.

It is actually a novel listening experience, complemented with a visual exposition that borders on artistic elegance yet done with notions of simplicity in mind.

But atop are the mesmerizing melodies which were met by immensely gifted producers, Nicky Genius and Rayo Beats.

Red Zone Media’s director Lytee brought the visuals to life and credit is also accorded to DON CHRXN who has always shouldered Ishan as his manager; doing so with enviable professional mastery and perfection. Of course, it’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

 Clearly, collaborations like these continue to be emblematic of how contemporary music in Zimbabwe has benefitted from combining a variety of skillsets. It is an exciting reality in Zimbabwe's music industry.

Lola is that project you want to keep listening and watching over and over again.

Watch the official Lola video by Ishan and Annatoria below and tell us what you think.

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