Rusape’s Daring Rapper Dexter Has a Bright Start to 2022

 By Takudzwa Kadzura

Dexter Chitembwe, who uses his government name for the music trade, is a 22-year-old Rusape-based rapper. Dexter’s slow-paced career regained momentum in 2020 when the young rapper went all in for a debut album, The Genesis, following the release of an EP called Changes.

No matter how hard they work, however talented they may be, youths in small towns have it delayed. This circumstance is deeply rooted in the widespread socio-economic stagnation of the country.

Rusape is a classic example of this rot. The town has only a few at most studios with proper recording equipment. So far, Remnant studios is the only souring base where rapper in focus Dexter has recorded the album and most of the singles.

In February, Dexter ticked the calendar with the double-release for singles Don’t Change and Ndide. Don’t Change is a melancholic rhythm laced with street acquired knowledge about the cunning human specie.

The rapper carefully explores betrayal and hypocrisy that glitters in the presence of company. Dexter opts for solitude as he journeys towards a destiny confined in his heart. The second release Ndide is a love letter written on a soft-going instrumental.

It is notable how the two songs emulate a consistent sound which has apparently given the upcoming artist a signature. Production on the two singles is satisfactory and promising given the attitude displayed by the rapper.

More work is expected from upcoming artists and utilizing the digital advantages prevalent in this era, here is room to flourish.

Dexter revealed that in 2022 there will be another album and visuals.

 We have our eyes on the lookout; for the meantime, kindly stream Dexter's new music via this link, and give us your feedback.

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