Discussing Production, Music and Career of Super Producer dontworry.

By Tawanda Chari 

dontworry might be a name a few are acquainted with but he is what we may term a super producer in his own right. Music flows naturally in his veins and his uniqueness is hard to ignore. We first got to know his name via Nova Bleq, and we have been ardent fans ever since. We managed to get a word from him and below is an excerpt of our conversations. 

[Slightly edited for brevity and clarity. Interview done by Tawanda Chari for ZimSphere.]

ZimSphere: Who is dontworry? Take us through a bit of your life and musical journey. Why go by dontworry?

dontworry: Indeed, the name is dontworry. All small letters. It’s more of a mentally-driven reminder, more than anything else really, the reminder that life is too short to stress over things you cannot change nor control. I also do be worrying at times too so I need the reminder.

I have always had a passion for music ever since I was young, from breakdancing early in primary, to drumming beats on tables with a pen and my fist, joining choirs and all that.  Met a friend of mine in high school who was into rapping, I was probably 17. Told him I could make beats for him at which point I had no clue about software, how beats are made, nothing! Went home that night and got on the internet, and that’s really it all started.

ZimSphere: Do you write songs yourself? Are you also a musician?

dontworry: So how I come up with my songs is kinda different from a lot of people to be honest. A lot of people that I've worked with at least. I found out a lot of times that people get a beat and write a whole song and then they practise it or come up with ways they can execute the song. When they go to the studio they tell the producer that this is the song I have and I want to do this and that to it. I really tend not to apply that.

I make a beat obviously. Start vibing, write some lyrics. I don't actually write them down but I just go on the mic since I've got it next to me. I just spit whatever line that I have. Could be 2 lines, 4 lines or a whole verse. I put any idea I have on the beat as I'm making it and keep going on the beat until I get more lyrics. If I need to take a break I just take a break and come back to it a few hours later, even the next day really.

Some ideas; I have even left them open and continue three months later. I work on it as soon as I get the inspiration or the idea before I lose it. I feel like a song that's performed that way comes out differently as compared to a song that's read out. I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like reading out lyrics takes away the soul and the personality out of  the lyrics.

ZimSphere: What exactly is a producer?

dontworry: A producer is someone who can make music happen. Someone who can create a whole vibe like when an artist comes in, he/she may have a desire to make a song but might not know how to go about doing that.

They might not  know what kind of beat or sound they want. They might even know exactly what they want to do. As producer it's my job to see how they [artists] are feeling that day, what are they going through, what's happening with their families and home situation.

Real songs, real music comes from real experiences that are really happening so I dig deep inside of what the artist is going through or what's on their mind. That way I can make a beat that is complementary to what the artist is feeling hoping that the song will come out smoothly.

A producer is more than a beat maker. Someone who produces has control and has input on the whole vibe of the song. It could be how the lyrics are being delivered, it could be the pace,  how the song is supposed to capture the audience. A producer does a lot, without a producer there is no song. That's what I believe.

ZimSphere: What's your specialty? As in your genre of music? If so, why that specific genre?

dontworry: Would have to say my specialty is the bridge between RnB and the current sound of hip hop. Music that you can listen to and feel not just hear or just nod your head to. Music that’s meant to last as compared to riding waves/trends.

ZimSphere: We understand you've worked/you work with Nova Bleq. Super Talented. Which other artists have you worked with that you think we should check out?

dontworry: Have gotten the chance with a few local artists namely RayKaz, Swayth3rd, Indigo Saint and Kristian Badboii. Got a few more artists that I’m in contact with and I’m hopeful that some more music will come out of it.

ZimSphere: Are you satisfied with the progress in ZimHipHop currently?

dontworry: No, I’m not satisfied. But honestly I don’t have much control over that so I try not to pay it any mind and just focus on what I gotta do.

ZimSphere: In your opinion, what is a hit song?

dontworry: [ beat playing ] 

 I think it's something that is here one time and make you groove the first time you hear it. It's about how a song makes you feel.

But for me it's more about reach, like are you able to reach at this extent. It might not be a hit song to other people but it's about growth. The very first moment you hear a song and everything is on point, the beat, the adlib, the production, the vocals, the chorus and it just hits right. It gotta be a whole vibe.

ZimSphere: What do you look for when listening to a new artist you're recording? Have you ever turned people away for not being good enough?

dontworry: One thing I look for when I'm working with a new artist is originality. Hearing a new vibe and not be able to compare it to anyone else. If I can hear a good vibe and not even try to find who the artist sounds like, that's what I'm looking for. That's something that stands out because everyone with a mic and a laptop these days calls themselves artists and producers. The game is saturated and we need voices that are gonna stand out. After that we look at flows and everything. I look for something that l enjoy and l work best with someone who is my friend.

I would say yes [I’ve turned people away here and there] but I am quite open to working with a lot of people. I have turned down people on SoundCloud or Instagram that would DM you and ask to work with you but they have no work on their pages that shows they are artists. I ask them to send me some of their stuff and if they don't then I turn them down.

ZimSphere: What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

dontworry: Inspiration is all around, would be greatly understating if I were to list some names. Been loving music my whole life and along the way I picked up sounds from, the way songs made/make me feel, therefore when I wake up every morning and sit on my desk, the music that comes out is this collage of different sounds I have been in contact with –  running through the filter of how I’ll be feeling in that moment. When I make music I’m just tryna capture how I would be feeling in that moment, if you wanna understand how I feel listen to what I have just made.

ZimSphere: Is there anything new you intend to do in the industry?

dontworry: Everybody is making the same song. Jumping on the same kind of beats, the same subject matter (money, women, cars, success stories etc). The usual stuff. Even with the visuals, people be doing the same thing. At least that's my opinion.

What I intend to do differently is show/tell my story. Everything that happens to me on a day-to-day basis. The music that I make is the caption of the moment, what I'm going through at that point. I don't believe that anyone else in the country is going to have the exact same experiences as I do. Therefore, I feel work that I'm gonna do is different from everybody else's. I'm trying to give people hope and inspiration. I want people to feel that they are not alone.

ZimSphere: Do you have a favourite musical project that you've worked on?

dontworry: Fav project? My upcoming EP entitled SAY which is an acronym for Songs About You. I have been tweaking it for quite a while obsessing over making every moment and element of it feel right. It’s the best shit I have ever made man, and I’m excited for y’all to hear it!

ZimSphere: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with, locally?

dontworry:  Yeah I got a few on my checklist. I’m talking about Denim Woods, Obi Davids, Suhn, Holy Ten.

ZimSphere: What  do you do outside of working on music? A business maybe. A side gig, perhaps?

dontworry: Currently a Musicology student at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

ZimSphere: Do you have advice for young people who want to become music producers/ artists?

dontworry: My advice to aspiring musicians is to get some gear first; that way you work whenever, at your own convenience. That’s your laptop, monitors and your mic setup. As soon as that’s out the way really, just put in the hours, till you start making shit you really love. Don’t copy, just do you!

ZimSphere: Where can people reach you for business, studio and/or social media..?

dontworry: Anyone can reach me here on my number +263783002496, and on Instagram as dontworr.y  and at my email address

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