New Urban Fashion Label VENTIANA Brings a Radically Novel Touch of Class To Summer

By Donald Gwasira

Winter season came through with chilly temperature recordings – a phenomenon that always limits a couple of fashion-heads from having thoughts of summer wear. But with summer now on us, 17-year-old Vanessa Tawananyasha Chigwada asserts her VENTIANA summer-wear is a must-have in the closet this and every other summer season.


Speaking with ZimSphere’s Donald Gwasira recently in Harare, Vanessa Chigwada revealed that her clothing brand is about offering unique fashion tastes and innovative clothing to Zimbabwe’s urban cultures.

“Ventiana is about unique fashion [tastes] and innovative clothing; I never wanted my brand to be basic, I desired something distinctive, something that stands out –  so the designs that I create I certainly evoke a sense of [novelty] to people,” she enthusiastically remarked.

At age 16,  she already found herself making some baby steps towards the nascent youthful fashion industry. “I was 16 at the time my mother decided to take me for fashion lessons, that's when I realized I have something special [regarding the clothing industry],” she added.

Ventiana Yahya Goodvibes latest
Yahya Goodvibes is the Brand Ambassador for Ventiana

Earlier this year in March, she successfully launched her new summer outfits specifically for women who wish to rock stunning gear. According to Ms. Chigwada, if you’re a lady and you desire summer-wear with dash of novelty, make Ventiana your first priority.

Despite the setbacks she faced [both familial and societal], Vanessa kept her torch ablaze in a bid to achieve more. Asked about whom she looks forward to work with, Vanessa said, “I would love to work with Tammy Moyo and Pokello. They are an inspiration when it comes to fashion as they are not afraid to express themselves in a stylish and modern way.”


She made a passionate plea for the inclusion of upcoming fashion designer in order to make the fashion industry vibrant, especially as the youthful urban citizens fill up creative spaces, fashion included.

“Inclusion is one of the many things that is lacking in the [fashion] industry, most clothes that are made are meant to look more desirable on a specific body type hence this has resulted in young girls wanting to look and attain unrealistic body types,” she concluded.

You can follow Ventiana on their Instagram page Ventiana Official.


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