Exploring Fresh The Charmer’s Grieving Heart and Hunger for Success In His Album ‘The Beloved Ones’

By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Fresh The Charmer is a Rusape based multi-genre singer who has had quite an experience in the outskirts and peripheries of the local music landscape. He offers a story of resilience and embodies a tremendous zeal for success.

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Born Freddy Chipangura, the 26-year-old has released his second studio album called
The Beloved Ones and he is buoyant that 2021 chains will break. The Beloved Ones is a follow up project to Love Or Portion album and a conscious continuation of love tales. Fresh The Charmer (let’s call him FTC now) has recently relocated to South Africa in a bid to better his chances in finding financial boost in the industry, a journey motif that defines post-independence Zimbabwe.

The Beloved Ones album cover carries a collage of his inner circle with their selfies bordering his face. An artful expression of how he deeply appreciates the people who make it possible from the day he first set foot in the booth.

FTC is oriented towards the blissful life of love and positive vibes. The music he makes gives him solace and peace away from the heart-wrenching realities of life. He is a man in search of a breakthrough and sharing with you portions of the love lane. In several interactions with the author, FTC keeps on reiterating his desires to work at the level of fellow compatriots such as Hillzy (who happens to be his former schoolmate) amongst a host of lads who have made a mark in the RnB space.

Most artists in the Afro-genre space have been accorded an alternative slot in the local industry making it tough for upcoming artists. However, with the continued rise and quality productions from the singers, that reality is about to change and that kind of shift will see talents like FTC blossom.

The Beloved Ones is an emotional roller coaster and heartfelt musical expression of love towards his family and friends. FTC revealed, “Basically, my music is more to real life and true love. My songs offer a blueprint of what couples expect in relationships versus the reality and how to embrace it”. Special mention goes to the effusive overflow in a tribute song for his late brother Regy.

The untimely death of his brother is a close topic to his heart and a song called Munin’ina in the Beloved Ones album is perfectly befitting. FTC reminisces special moments they shared and how they looked forward to take care of their mother. The track ends with him coming to terms with the mishap - kumhepo garako kana nesu tichauyako.

He featured Guan Snippet in the introduction track titled Killin Me (insecure) and he sings about how an insecure relationship can be toxic hence, killing me. He also hired the service of High Drive Zw Mcee Texx whose bolstering voice-over complimented well with the demands of club songs in the track Mai Roza.

Exceptional is the track 6-4-2-8 where FTC flexes his pen game pouring motivation and relaying the struggles we face on a daily basis. He vows that working together is actually what the youths need to do to by-pass the challenges. Living up to his word, FTC roped in features in more than half the songs in the album. He solely sings through songs like Ndivo Here, Coz I love You and Call Me giving his fans some sing along vibes.

However, marketing remains a setback in his career and that is basically the story of any other talented artist in the hood. More has to be done through networking and finding financial backing for producing visuals so as to attain a larger audience. FTC has communicated that he will be shooting a video for Mai Roza and we are looking forward to it.

You can listen to The Beloved Ones by Fresh The Charmer via this YouTube link and tell us what you think.

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