THE POET’S HAVEN — ‘Art is Therapy’ by Afreekah.Art

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On this installation of The POET’S HAVEN, we have incendiary, lovingly vulnerable, life-saving, inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and evocative Zimbabwean poetry from the amazing Afreekah.Art (Lindokuhle Khumalo) in an elaborate poem aptly titled ‘Art is Therapy’, and it is life in abundance. It is art in its finest expression and we absolutely love it.

These are the brilliantly beautiful poems from Zimbabwe, by Zimbabwe’s poets, furnishing us with a warm and comfortable Poet’s Haven:



Art is Therapy by Afreekah.Art


To say, without speaking

Embrace a whole feeling,

My creations go deeper

Than I’m willing to be,


Than I’m willing to see

The plain Truth about me:


so dented

so bruised


misguided and slighted

reduced to misuse


Thoughtlessly abused

Always confused…


By the Beings around me.


The Beings that aren’t free

But want parts of me.


Not all of me

Just some of me.

The parts of me

That are for me…


Could you...?


That survived the madness

Breathed life in-to my sadness

And brought about my



And to me—

Completely cracked


Cracked completely:

Even you, deserve fresh dew.






(this poem was first published on Afreekah.Art's Instagram page)

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