Sounds From The East - Chipinge's Kwezi Trigger Is Preaching 'Kanyi Trap'

 By Tawanda Chari 

Hip Hop is a lifestyle and even if it came from abroad we still honour the game. It is deeply embedded in everyone who is part of it regardless of geographical location.

Kwezi Trigger/Kwezi Wekanyi Music

Zimbabwe's entertainment industry has primarily focused on Harare and Bulawayo, at least for the most part. Perhaps the biggest negative impact of that is how we fail to realise some of the best talents in the nation.

Kanyi is an 808 driven production with an aggressive flow on the hook and a more laid-back end rhyme flow on the second verse. More so, trap has always been known for its catchy sound and the production certainly delivered.

Kwezi Wekanyi Music fills the track with an honest depiction of Kanyi life and maybe more evidently, most Zimbabweans’ lifestyle of how people cross the Eastern and Southern borders to Mozambique and South Africa respectively in search for greener pastures.

He then swiftly transitions to an alternate lifestyle of a person returning home from the diaspora after having made a killing.

Much more of Kwezi Wekanyi Music can be found on his YouTube channel

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